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HSE Plan

1.1 Purpose

The purpose of this Project Health, Safety & Environment plan is to outline the HSE policy adopted by Red Builts Operation.

This plan explains how Red Builts would implement specific plan, HSE policy in all the projects by all levels of Red Builts management and supervisors. The responsibilities of individuals to implement and enforce the provisions in the projects HSE plan, within their respective areas and accountabilities, with due consideration of safety, health and environment regulations.

1.2 Goal

“Maintain a safe working environment and eliminate any accident and damages to property”

  • Provide and maintain sa sage and healthy working environment.
  • Preventing accidents, damages to property, mitigating unsafe conditions and prevent lost time human injuries.
  • Identifying potential hazards and conduct risk assessment associated with specific task.
  • Economic solutions
  • Eliminate all environmental impact aspects.
1.3 Conception

We appoint the Safety Manager and take care of the safety of all the persons
And materials entitled to be on the site every day, every week and every month basis. We will use reasonable efforts to keep the site & works clear and to achieve the timely construction and the best quality construction.



2. HSE Roles & Responsibility

HSE Manager has the responsibility the HSE plan and construction safety proscedures made for the project.

Has Shall Specifically:
  • Approve and implement the HSE plan and construction safety procedures made for the project.
  • Develop overall coordination and cooperation of contractors in order to minimize interface problems.
  • Ensure that all risks are identified on site for construction and commissioning works. The risks that have been identified during design should be communicated to the appropriate contractors. Transmittal records shall be available at the office.
  • Participate in the HSE audit and inspection at the Project.
  • Shall attend all Client / Contractor’s HSE meeting and motivate the project team to follow high HSE standards.
  • Shall review the HSE plan made for the projects & identifies the training needs and discuss at the management review meetings.
  • Shall analysis all accidents / incidents investigation report and suggest preventive measures to follow up in the entire gulf region.
  • Discuss the root cause, the recommendations in the monthly review meetings with top management for taking corrective action and their support to stop recurrences in near future.
  • Shall periodically visit the project and ensure that, HSE systems are in place and followed without deficiency.
  • Shall conduct audits in a scheduled manner to emphasize the effective implementation of HSE management systems and procedure.
  • Shall support HSE officer, engineer on projects to get right PPE and other required resources in time.
HSE Engineer
  • Shall study the contract requirements and prepare HSE plans for the Project.
  • Shall facilitate safety induction as per HSE plan / client requirement and screening of all workmen & conducting HSE induction of the employees joining at the site and explain the project HSE requirements.
  • Shall assist to the site engineer in conducting tool Box Meeting to create awareness on HSE to all the employees.
  • Shall inform all the potential hazards to the Project Manager in advance and to the supervisors, foremen for the preventive measures.
  • Shall take a leading role in creating HSE awareness to all the employees of the company to maintain healthy and sage working condition in the workplace and also ensure environmental protection are taken as per the HSE plan requirement.
  • Shall highlight all HSE related issues to the site management and in the HSE Committee meeting to follow up on the site.
  • Shall coordinate and conduct an HSE audit at project and Labor camps along with the management committee.
  • Shall carry out HSE inspections at Work Areas, equipments, and personal protective equipments on a daily basis and advise site manager supervisor for the corrective action and follow-ups.
  • Shall organize campaigns, Training programs, Competitions & other special Emphasis program to promote HSE in the workplace.
  • Shall highlight the project HSE requirement through Pep talks & assist to prepare Job Safety Analysis (JSE)
  • Shall convene HSE Meeting & minute the proceedings for circulation to all concerned as follow up action.
  • Shall advice & Co-ordinate for implementations of permit to work system, hot work permit etc.
  • Shall plan for procurement of appropriate PPE’s , safety devices Gadgets & inspect before use as per local standards and necessary approvals from owner.
  • Document the required data on the environment at the field on a monthly basis and inform to HSE MANAGER/C
  • Shall report all HSE related matters pertaining to the status o fthe Safety promotional program, feedback of PPE’s, repeated HSE violations, Accidents hazardous work environment etc.
  • Shall facilitate administration of first- Aid during emergency situations, organize training program of Fire & First aid to the required employees.
  • Shall be at site to ensure all workmen follow HSE requirements and communicate to the site Engineer Supervisor, foremen, Subcontractor and report to the HSE Engineer regarding any unsafe condition. Assist conducting safety training based on the observation t site.
Safety Supervisor / Foreman
  • Shall be responsible to the HSE Manager.
  • Understanding the safety requirements of the project and comply the same in their day day activities.
  • Planning all the work in advance considering potential risk, mitigation measures before starting each task and communicating with the HSE Engineer for the impact.
  • Eliminating all unsafe conditions in their work area and ensure a safe work environment at the all the times.
  • Ensure all workmen understood and adhere to the work instruction, HSE plan.
  • Requirement and using an adequate correct type of PEE’s
  • Maintaining good Housekeeping at their work area at all times.
  • Cooperate with the HSE manager and HSE Engineer and supervisor.
  • In implementing HSE plan made for the project.
  • Actively participate in HSE audit, inspections, investigations, Tool Box meeting HSE Committee Meetings and training.
  • All the workmen shall be responsible for their own safety and their co-worker’s safety and also responsible to follow company HSE policy, Safety Rules & Regulations, Work instructions and Procedures without any deviations.
  • All workmen shall undergo HSE induction before the start the work.shall not enter into any existing operational area without proper written permit and instructions from their superiors.
  • Follow the HSE instruction given by the supervisor / Forman while working in the hazardous, permit area.
  • Maintain their work area. Work dress. Accommodation neat and clean within acceptable hygienic conditions at all times.
  • Report all unsafe acts / unsafe conditions immediately to their supervisors / HSE Engineer for Corrective action.