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Company Overview

Red Builts offers a diversified range of services to the Construction, Oil & Gas and Government sectors in Kuwait. Specializing in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Insulation works, we have the manpower, equipment and experience to execute any work in these areas. Over the years, we have gained expertise working in various projects under KOC, KNPC, KIPIC, MPW, MOH etc.

Red Builts is fully committed to its main objective of Customer Satisfaction. Safety and quality are given top criteria. The main factors for our success have been our quality service, high operational reliability, complete technical assistance and strong relationship with its customers. Our modus operandi makes it easy for us to respond quickly to local customer needs.

Our management skills, strategy and excellent technical services give us the desired trust from our principals and clients alike. This position is achieved by always providing quality services to the client and maintaining a very professional technical staff.

Company Snapshot



Contract Awards

100 +

Yard with warehouse facility

6000 Sq m+